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Bible Boot Camp

Starting Today!





A nightly Bible study class on the doctrines as they are in Jesus Christ.  It is our hope that these studies will not only disciple, train, and equip, but grow those who take part into a deeper relationship with Jesus. In these classes we are going to model how to give each study while giving tips that we have learned in giving people Bible studies over the years. It should be a great resource for the young and old in our conference.


The platform that we will be using is YouTube. Make sure you, "Subscribe" to our channel and hit the "Bell" icon to be updated as soon as a new video is released.  It is our goal to go LIVE every night at 7pm (accept on Tuesday and Friday in which we will go LIVE at 5pm).


Tonight (April 1) we will be unable to go live via YouTube. This is because it takes 24hrs once you have activated your "Go LIVE" feature on YouTube before you can use this feature. We just discovered this today! Because of this we will be going LIVE via Facebook on the Maritime Youth Group and once the study is over we will upload the video to our Youtube channel. Then starting April 2 we will be going LIVE on Youtube.

Download the Study Sheet: