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Thank you all for your support with Helping Hands Food Boxes. Our food boxes will not be available this week. Our supplier is no longer taking food orders for the year, so we will be taking a break to evaluate our service, to see how we can continue to best serve the community. We will keep you updated on when we start back again, and how it may look different. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please send us an email to helpinghands@saintjohnsda.ca. We look forward to serving you in the future. 

Thank you!

Helping Hands Team  



Helping Hands is a new service in the Greater Saint John area that is working to get fresh fruits/veggies and essential items to our community! We offer 2 services:

1 - Fruit/Veggie Boxes – these boxes, which will be available to order bi-weekly, will have a value of $50 in fresh fruits and veggies, including staple items like apples, bananas, carrots, potatoes, onions, etc as well as other various fruit/vegetables which will vary but always be delicious! Rest assured, you will have plenty of fresh fruit and veggies to eat all week long! We also offer access to recipes so you can better use all the items in your fruit/veggie box and ensure minimal waste!

       We are providing these boxes at a few price point options:

**If the $25 payment is keeping you from being able to purchase fresh fruit/veggies for your family, please contact us at helpinghands@saintjohnsda.ca or call (506) 832-1971 and we will make sure you get a box.** (This price point is no longer available until further notice)

To order your box today, please click here to open our "Helping Hands Food Box Orders" form.

2 - Pick-up and Delivery of Essentials – Our group of volunteers are here to help you get the essential items you need when you are unable to go yourself. During this time of crisis, we recognize there are many in our community (elderly, disabled, single parents, essential workers, etc) who may have difficult getting out to get necessary items like groceries, medications and other household essentials. In response to this, we offer pick-up and delivery of grocery, medication or other essential orders. We also do deliveries on request for our own food boxes!

To schedule a pick-up, please click here to open our "Helping Hands Deliveries" request form.

If you would like to help, or would like more information, please email helpinghands@saintjohnsda.ca or call (506) 832-1971.


                                                We want to thank our sponsors, "United Way Saint John, Kings & Charlotte" & "ADRA Canada"